Due to the current climate and for everyone’s safety, we have a change of plans for our wedding. We will be limiting our guest list to an intimate number. Please accept our apologies for not having you with us on the big (small!) day.

Brittney Smith


Kyle Rossel

THE group


Best Man

When it was time to select the best man, I knew it had to be Phil based on the fact he recently completed his Invisalign braces treatment and was looking for an opportunity to showcase his chicklets. Phil once offered to take Brittney and myself out for dinner. To be honest, with him having a Scottish background I was shocked with his generosity. I look forward to watching him stuff the leftovers from our wedding into my sisters’ purse.


Maid of Honor

Ainslee is my younger sister (by 15 months), therefore we have been best friends our whole life. Of course we had our "sister moments" and did not want to speak with each other, but we quickly got over that. I am excited that Ainslee will stand next to me as my Maid of Honour and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful sister who I can share everything with. Not only is she my sister but my built in best friend for life.


Maid of Honor

Kaitlyn and I have been best friends for 20 years and counting! We have shared so many of lifes adventures together and I am so happy we met when we moved in next door to each other all those years ago! Kaitlyn will stand next to me not only as my lifelong friend, but as my Maid of Honour.



Mike is a great guy. He is married to Brittney's cousin Caitlin. His favourite food group is alcohol and is known for having too much fun.



Over the years of knowing Kyle, I have gotten the pleasure of getting to know his sister, Sarah. She has become like the older sister I always wanted. I can't wait to join the family (officially) and get to be sisters! Sarah will stand next to me as a bridesmaid on the big day!



If you are looking for life advise, look no further than Jamie Johnson. He may be young and attractive, but deep down he is a 90 year old man. We went to high school together and he always has the greatest life advise and known as a forward thinker.



Jenn and I met while working together at Bath and Body Works. At first, we did not get along but over the years we have gotten so close and become the best of friends. Jenn has always been a true friend and I can count on her for anything. I am so thankful to have Jenn as one of my bridesmaids on my special day!



I met Paul in high school. Paul is best known for being a big fan of sugary shots. Ask him about his famous apple pie shot, it is dangerously good!



Caitlin is not only my cousin but a sister. Growing up across the street as kids made it easy to become the best of friends. I am so lucky to have Caitlin as one of my bridesmaids on Kyle and I's big day!



mark became my friend when we met in high school. He is a wild animal and always willing to take a risk. I look forward to seeing him tear up the dance floor! Watch out everyone!



I got the pleasure of meeting Vanessa when Kyle and I met. Vanessa was one of Kyles friends and over the years we have created our own friendship. Vanessa is always up for any adventure, whether it be trying a trendy new food spot or coming up with craft ideas, she is always there! I am honoured to have her stand next to me as a bridesmaid!



Ryan Cox, also known as Foxy Coxy, is far from foxy. He is currently dating Brittney's sister ... I will let you guess which sister that would be. He is the only person I have ever met who can successful execute a cannonball in a hot tub. Keep up the great work! I heard Cirque du Soleil is looking for new recruits!



Keelye is my younger sister. As much as we would butt heads she is still an important part of my life and could not imagine her not standing next to me on the wedding day. She will support me as one of my bridesmaids on the big day!